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Happy Spring!!!!!

Fuzzy yellow iris greet the mornings and annuals now grace flower pots an planters  Hope is renewed with this rebirth of color in our surroundings.  Are you coming alive again to be outdoors with the environment?  "June is busting out all over" so the lyrics of Carousel say and souls reacts to its effects.  Get that paint brush moving express your feelings with writing create something your way--decorate a cake, build that tool shed, sing and read to children.  Its all a part of sharintg yourself with others and making this word a better place in which to live.  Get creating!!!!!

Dear Father Time

Thank you for all the days in the New Year 2018 to enjoy.  I look forward to spending more time with my loved ones--children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  There are new chances to be creative through art, music, and written word.  Friends appear on my journey--new friends, old friends and cherished memories.  Peace for the Word becomes very important in these times of turmoil among many nations of the planet.  May people keep the Faith and a strong sense of hope in the days ahead.  Give each person courage and strength to carry love, compassion and respect to one another.  Happy New Year! 

Rainbow of Flowers

Yellow lilies, orange tiger lilies, red and yellow dahlias, blue lobelias, purple petunias, red salvias and white delphiniums create the rainbow of flowers in our yard this time of year.  They please the eye and sweeten the sense of smell during these "dog days of August.  Filling the birdfeeder each day is the price paid to hear the melodies of the many songbirds who sing for our enjoyment.  Be sure to take a moment with nature each morning in gratitude of these gifts.

A Time to Remember

Red, White and Blue are colors displayed everywhere on this Fourth of July.  It marks a time to remember our great Founding Fathers and the United States they formed on the principles of freedom equality and humanity.  A time to remember veterans who gave their service an lives defending our freedom; victims of senseless an violent crime on our home soil; an all members of society who continue to serve and preserve what we hold dear.  God bless America and God bless the USA.

Mind Vacation

Everyone needs a vacation and my mind is taking one.  Bear with me followers.  It will be temporary while I knit, paint, and prepare my itemized tax information.  You all have been so kind with your positive input; thank you.  I'll be back.

Each Day a Gift

It's the beginning of another year; another opportunity to move past the negative happenings of the past and begin to focus on the positive things that appear each and every day.  They may be hidden behind pain and sorrow or dashed hopes and regrets, but they are there, however tiny, to remind us of the hope each of us has to feel new again.  With enough rest, good nutrition, and participation in what brings us happiness, we can the make the necessary change in our lives and in our relationships of those we love and care about.  It's a choice:  do we want to be miserable, or do we want to live with peace?  May the days we are given as a gift bring you joy!

Happy Birthday Me and Merry Christmas World

Last month of 2016 and I have celebrated three-quarters of a century.  Yes, today is this artist's 75th birthday!  It seems like just another day until I begin to reflect on the last 75 years and all the people I have met and known; all the glad and sad life events experienced; and all the miles traveled and the places I have lived.  Then, and only then, the tremendous blessings become a reality.  It gives a sense of hope that each day forward may be the best gift of all.  Happy Birthday Me and Merry Christmas World!

God Bless America

It's difficult to blog with so much unrest in our world.  Finding a quiet spot of calmness must be a priority for keeping one's focus to better cope with what is happening around us,  Prayers and meditation bring peace to be able to express beauty in the midst of chaos.  Find your spot.  Express your innermost thoughts whether it be on canvas, on keyboard or another instrument, or on paper.  Let goodness flow to overcome hatred and violence.  Be at peace world!  God help us all.

Stars, Stripes and New Beginnings

Tap your feet to the patriotic music as we honor our veterans and other loved ones.  Decoration Day offers us all a chance to pay tribute where honor is due and when we realize how much richer our lives are because of them.  Give them all a moment of silence as we remember.  This Daughter of the American Revolution and her sister from Seattle are attending the 125th National Continental Congress in Washington, DC mid-June and will also visit family in Philadelphia.  Our Revolutionary patriot was a farmer from New Jersey, John Harris, who served as a Minute Man with Paul Revere during the Revolutionary War.  Military Bands perform with pomp and pageantry during Congress as this service organization recognizes and awards those who have participated and contributed to the education, historic preservation, and support of the Constitution of our great United States of America.  Let freedom ring as we all look forward to new beginnings as citizens, graduates, and participants.

The Gift of Reflection

It's a New Year/2016!  Reflection in the Here and Now transports the mind to a level of meditation.  One can reflect on the past or present.  The mind and the soul are involved in this process, if one takes the time to be still and quiet for a moment or two.  It might be a gentle snowfall or a unique pine cone along the hiking trail which inspires us to reflect on the beauty of God's creation (Rest in Peace, my brother, Chuck Schultz).  The Spirit within moves us to offer a prayer of gratitude or praise, making us more tolerant of one another and filling us with courage and strength to carry on from one challenge to another.  Take a moment/Be at peace!
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