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Savor the Color

Techs fixed my blog so you get two for one today.  Fall colors are stunning.  The warm reds yellows, oranges contrast the cool, crisp breezes that signal the tree to change color. Leaf shapes are as numerous as the colors of foliage.  Try ironing leaves between two sheets of wax paper.  This early art experience inspired many projects to capture the beauty of Fall.  Relief rubbings are another activity  Put the leaf under a piece of paper and color and color to see the texture emerge. When you have a minute or more, sit on your patio and listen to the leaves fall, enjoy a sunset and thank Nature for giving you another dimension in the chaos of today's word--Hope.

Sights and Sounds of September

Pungent odor from sugar beet processing plants sneezing sensation from grain dust lingering after fall harvest and crisp, cool breezes of Fall arriving to herald the arrival of the cold, blustery winds of Winter.  It all brings thoughts of our upcoming migration south at the beginning of November.  Change heightens my sense of creativity and makes me take finger to keyboard as I enter my thoughts on my IPhone or take paintbrush to watercolor paper as my mind's eye expresses what I see.  This process brings peace to the world around me, helping me cope with all the unrest reported in the news. May you find peace in your surroundings with the inevitable changes that happen a day at a time.  Blessings!

A Roof Over Our Heads

While ironing the other day, this blogger kept time with the tap, tap tap sounds of roofers putting new shingles on the roof of our home.  Wind, rain and storms had weathered the cover over our heads.  It was time to replace our overhead protection.  It made me reflect how much we take shelter from nature's elements for granted.  It is necessary for our comfort.  Not all people have their own shelter and depend on facilities to keep them warm, cool or dry.  A sense of gratitude filled my awareness for the place we call home.  It is our responsibility to care for it.  Weathering the many storms of life has actually strengthened me.  It has given me a sense of wellness both in body and soul.  When everything is aligned, the creativity begins to be expressed.  That's when I know I must be living right.  Are you taking cover and being creative?  Carry on!

Flowers Galore

This artist works at All Seasons Garden Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota, from before Mothers Day until after Memorial Day.  Can you think of another place so inspiring for a watercolor marathon?  The array of colors, textures an shapes stimulate the sense of sight, smell, and touch.  The movement of the Cats Paw paint brush from the watercolor palette to BFK watercolor paper is beckoning!  Check out the Art Gallery on this website for new garden center compositions.  Happy Spring!

The Leap

What leap have you taken lately?  It's Leap Year and a perfect opportunity to stretch yourself.  If you are an author, it may be time to submit your writings to a magazine, a book contest, or a publisher.  The exposure may feel scary and very vulnerable.  Not everyone may be interested in what you have expressed, but you will have validated yourself and your ideas which may empower you.  If you are an artist, it may be time to prepare your painting for submission to a local art contest, a public showing or an opportunity to sell your work.  You subject yourself to the subjective opinions of the public and may risk rejection.  Remember, there are lots of individuals out there with as many different tastes, but your market is out there somewhere.  Take that leap and relish the accomplishment you will find.

To Market, to market

It's one thing to create a watercolor painting and another to display and market the finished work.  An artist expresses their inner soul while creating a painting which is literally putting the self on display.  There is a raw vulnerability when choosing to enter the art for public viewing as well as exposing the piece to critique, however positive that may be.  When the watercolor is offered up for sale, it is giving up a part of the self.  The finished product no longer belongs to the artist.  It is a bit of a grief process letting go of the painting to be enjoyed by others.  Lately, many opportunities have been provided to market my artwork:  Campbell Library in East Grand Forks has several pieces in their "Autumn Colors" exhibit; the Grand Cities Art Catalogue through Veronica Maszk kicked off a promotion for local artists to offer their art for sale to local businesses; and the new Sanford Medical Center in Fargo has invited local artists to submit artwork for the new building.  Marketing the artwork completes a cycle of production.  When one piece sells, it makes room for another to take its place.  It is an inspiring decision to keep creating a part of the self; very life-giving.  Thank you to all of you who invest in my creations.  PS:  the fabulous Grand Forks Symphony led by the new conductor, Alejandro Drago, inspired my soul to soar through the music performance.  It will be a good year!

Blank Page

This artist completed several watercolor projects as displayed in the Slide Show of this web site.  Next step is a blank page or blank canvas.  My mind's eye takes a rest from creating with a paintbrush to contemplate another creation.  It's time to reflect and a time to enjoy the beauty of my surroundings.  This is my happiest feeling as my mind's eye captures beauty and begins to formulate a composition on paper.  Look for simple, natural and priceless beauty in your own world.  It is nature's gift to us for a life of gratitude.  Enjoy!

Super Time

Super Bowl in Glendale Arizona today!  We are close enough to drive, but smart enough to get a front row seat in front of our TV.  May the best team win without deflating the football and egos.  
This artist has had a Super experience being invited by Pat Danielson to participate in an Artchain on Facebook for five days.  It encouraged me to invite another artist each day to do the same.  It broadened the marketing base for my art, provided much positive feedback and assured me that friends and family have an appreciation for my art. Social media has indeed provided an opportunity for sharing.  Check it out at Suellen Palya on Facebook.  Now get out there and have a Super time creating your own form of expression of who you are!

Recycling Calendar

Happy New Year 2014!  Time to recycle our 2013 calendars on this first day of 2014.  
Are you a stamper?  Gold glitter stamps on the vivid colors of a landscape scene can become a new greeting, thank you or note card.
Are you a painter?  Match the lovely colors of a calendar sunset to your palette for the background of your next creation.  
Are you a collage person?  Cut shapes, numbers and letters from calendar pages and arrange in wild order for a masterpiece.
You will be doing our environment a favor as you recycle these raw materials into something beautiful.

Welcome 2013

No, my blog did not end as the Mayan calendar predicted--I am just late into the new year 2013 getting my thoughts organized and expressed.  Filled with gratitude, I enter the realm of the New Year with a renewed sense of creativity.  I am experimenting with painting techniques and transparent watercolor.  My palette is filled withwonderful Daniel Smith colors:  hemitite brown-violet-burnt scarlet, cobalt blue, quinacridone gold and burnt sienna create great rock terrains.  Sap green, Phthalo green and deep sap green blend for a variety of plants.
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